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To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern: My husband, drfellow, has confided in me that he has visited you a few times. He recently admitted that he has seen you on a professional basis and asked for my forgiveness. I have accepted his apology on one condition - that I become his mistress. He has agreed to this …[more]

trained to be a sissy whore

~~I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help to move some furniture. He was paying pretty well and, after I practically laughed at him for asking if I could lift the furniture, he agreed to have me over to get it done. We moved everything around for what felt like hours, often …[more]

The Huntress Pt 1 (A true story)

She was looking for fun nothing more. She listed as sub but was looking to Domme. She spotted her prey by a writing he posted. Far older than her, possibly more experienced, something different. She approached with stealth, a love, a comment, which gained a polite thank you in return. …[more]

was i kidnapped or am i a slave

I sat at a corner table in the restaurant reading the menu and deciding what drink i would have to celebrate my birthday. All to regularly over the last few years, well lots of years, i had spent many a night out on my own sat in this restaurant. A waitress approached and politely asked if i was rea …[more]

Hot Wife, Black Friday

Sarah got up an walked into his office and closed the door. Adam took a deep breath and asked what she wanted. She said she wanted to see it for herself. See what he inquired. You know what she glared staring at the barely noticeable protrudence in his work slacks. Stammering he said surely you cant …[more]

My bdsm test results

== Results from == 95% Switch 92% Rope Bunny 87% Rigger 80% Experimentalist 78% Submissive 62% Dominant 60% Masochist 51% Master/Mistress 40% Brat 36% Degradee 36% Vanilla 32% Exhibitionist 28% Primal (Prey) 26% Sadist 23% Voyeur 22% Brat Tamer 20% Degrader 1 …[more]

Long Distance Cam Fun

i slowly strip my clothes away till I’m left in underwear showing you what you can’t have cant touch can’t feel tracing my fingers over my skin where you would love to feel tieing up my wrists and chest as you would want to do typing words that i long to whisper for only y …[more]

Play Time Poem

Tie me up take control watch me squirm under your touch giving in, giving up all control i trust you i know you care i love to feel your presents it feels safe it feels warm knowing you want whats best for me a stable life and to be happy i give myself fully over to you even if its …[more]

The Changing

~~I couldn't move. The sun shone through the blinds and it was beautiful. My vision was like captured slow motion and I could do no wrong. I couldn't lift my limbs. I wasn't physically restrained, but there was some mental block stopping me from moving. It didn't matter. Even though I was concentrat …[more]

I am that room mate

~~This is my first time writing a story so please excuse my style  It is a true and recent story between me and my girlfriend and female roommate  Let me start my story by explaining my situation, I'm going to school now so I'm living away from home, I also have a female roommate around my age w …[more]